why engage flourish landscape design?

We know how to get the most from your property, the most cost effective way, and with the least amount of hassle. We design with budget in mind but without sacrifice to function, style or interest. Your new garden will be attractive and functional and designed to meet the demands of your own unique way of life with all elements of the new garden as you expect them to be.

design services:

initial on-site consultation - this can be a one-off, or the begining of the design process

site analysis and measurement

development of hardscape - showing possibilities for site development

concept drawing - a picture of your garden with all elements required included

planting plan - to show you exactly where each plant is to be placed and planted

master plan - includes lighting

project facilitation - as your designer I am the best person to facilitate the installation of your new garden. This ensures your garden is installed exactly as designed.

the process:

Once the contract is signed, and deposit paid, we will spend about 2 hours developing the Design Brief. I will ask you all sorts of questions about your lifestyle, practical and recreational requirements in your garden, and what sort of plants/colours/design elements you like and dislike. By the time we have finished I will have an excellent idea of the type of garden that will suit you. To make this process easier it is useful to make a list of things you want to talk about and maybe have some cuttings from magazines, books or pinterest ready.


The next step for me is the Site Survey. On a fine day I will arrive with an assistant to measure your site, record levels and generally do a stock-take of existing conditions and features.


A week or two later I will have a design for you to look at. This will be presented at your home and you can suggest changes. Once you are satisfied with the design, I will go ahead and produce the final set of plans, drawings and accompanying documentation.


On delivery of the completed plans you may wish to discuss the possibility of Project Facilitation, whereby I will, on your behalf, seek tenders for the work and inspect and advise as the work progresses. This service is entirely optional, and additional to the design service.

plant sourcing:

As part of our mission for you to have the garden you desire, we also offer plant sourcing. This helps to take the stress and frustration out of finding the plants you need, and also ensures you pay the best price for the best grade of plants. We will even have them delivered to your door ready for planting!



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